GamePro confirms Killzone 3 – with 3D gaming

GamePro confirms Killzone 3 – with 3D gaming

For all you gaming fans there’s good news today as next month’s issue of GamePro is running an article about Killzone 3. More information is coming out as we speak which does suggest the game certainly seems to be some way through its developmental stages.

According to an article today by Michael DaSilva on, the newest of the Killzone series will have more features, one of them being that it will be compatible with 3DTV’s. We know this is going to excite a lot of you, and us too. Apparently a tester in Amsterdam said, “It just looks fantastic how the snow lays down on the weapon and melts when shooting – and all that in 3D.”

Furthermore there will be the use of jetpacks in the new Killzone and there will also be an overall feel of greater scale and size. It appears that Guerilla is really making headway to follow up on the success with Killzone 2, with its amazing graphics. If you pick up a copy of Game Pro come June 1 this may tide you over until the release.

For much more on this plus a look at some leaked screenshots go to Hopefully we may not have too much longer to wait before we can see some Killzone 3 footage. What do you think of the news of Killzone 3? We’d be happy to hear your comments.

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