Google Earth – The light-hearted side of Street View

Google Earth – The light-hearted side of Street View

This may be a small story but it certainly gave me a big laugh. Google Earth Street View and Google Maps seem to be in the middle of some controversy at the moment, so for a change we thought we’d share a lighter-hearted moment of Street View.

Over on Time Newsfeed, sourced from Digg, they’re featuring some great photos of two guys who clearly noticed the Google Street View camera car approaching, and let’s face it who wouldn’t notice one of those coming. Instead of the usual staid images of serious looking people on their way to work, or walking their dog, it led to a moment of fun.

The guys in the pictures on noticing the car coming hurried to their van and proceeded to put on a variety of poses for the camera, even posing on the roof of the car. We don’t know where the pictures are from and couldn’t find any clues but we enjoyed watching you!

For more on this and to see the images go to We have a feeling that next time people see the Google Street car nearing they may remember these images and try out some poses of their own. What about you? How would you pose for the Street View cameras? Why not let us know.

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