Diane Downs’ daughter – Rebecca Babcock’s moving testimony on 20/20, plus VIDEO

Diane Downs’ daughter – Rebecca Babcock’s moving testimony on 20/20, plus VIDEO

An intriguing story was told on last night’s ABC 20/20 report Children Now, about the legacy of being the secret child of a killer. In 1983 the case of Diane Downs became infamous in the U.S. as it involved a mother (Downs), who shot her 3 children, injuring two and killing another. When it evolved that she’d done it as she was involved with a married man who didn’t want to take on her children, the country was even more shocked and horrified.

Diane Downs was convicted of the shootings and just before she started her prison sentence, she actually gave birth to another baby who was taken away for adoption, as reported by Gather.com. Rebecca Babcock was that baby and she is now 26 years old and spoke last night for the first time, about how it felt to hear that her birth mother was an infamous child killer.

When Rebecca was very young her adoptive parents had to tell family and others close to Rebecca, exactly who she was, as Diane Downs had escaped from prison, but Rebecca didn’t actually find out herself until she was a teenager. Today Diane Downs still declares her innocence but was denied parole in 2008 and remains in jail.

Rebecca’s moving testimony will have amazed many as she spoke with dignity and eloquence; her upbringing with her adoptive family certainly looks as though it was the best thing that could have happened to her. You can see her on the video below this story. For more on this go to gather.com. We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this story.

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  • Jennifer

    This report does not tel what happens to the two surviving children diane tried too kill. Im curious to know what happened to her son as well as the daughter that actually testified.


    I agree with jennifer this report say's nothing of the two children that survived that horrible night!!! I remember like it was yesterday……. many of us went out to try and find the gun!!!!! I'm thrilled that rebecca has wonderful parents…. but would really like to know what happened to the children that survived…. GOD BLESS TO ALL OF YOU!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/shurrie.kurman Shurrie Kurman

    The 2 surviving children were adopted by the prosecuting attorney and his wife. Danny is a parapalegic due to the shooting. Both of them grew up and graduated from college. Christie is now married with children of her own and does social work and Danny is a computer whiz.

  • Gayla

    I am really glad that she is dooing well. Cutting off contact with Diane is probably a good idea unless she is the only one who knows her father. He was name in Ann Rule's book "Small Sacirifies" and I believe he was a teacher or instructor. In the book he seemed liked a nice man that knew when to run. But with Diane behind bars probably for life, he might be open to a meeting. Good luck meeting your brother and sister. Christie was adorable so was Danny.

  • Anonymous

    The true fact of the matter is that the father was a reporter for one of the smaller newspapers in Lane County. She met him in the park, seduced him to his house and had sex with him so she could get pregnant. I ghost wrote the book that Diane's father published under the name "Best Kept Secrets" and this reporter's lawyer threatened to sue me if I named him in the book, and I did not, and won't here, though I do recall his name after all these years. He was basically an "innocent bystander" in the hurricane that was Diane Downs.

  • nancy

    Christie and Danny have gone on with their lives and chose to not have anything to do with Rebecca…and I’m sure it was nothing personal but they need to live their lives. I do know that Christie went to see her mother when she was 18 very briefly..More than likely so she could put the episode to rest

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