Verizon Droid: iPhone 4G Bargaining Chip

Verizon Droid: iPhone 4G Bargaining Chip

We gave you a story yesterday about the fact that Android smartphones are now outselling the iPhone for the first time in financial Q1. However today an interesting article on has come to our attention in which they point out that the only reason people are buying Androids instead of iPhones are because that’s all they can get with their current carrier and they are the next best thing.

Many people for instance stay loyal to Verizon and so cannot get an iPhone because of the exclusivity deal Apple currently has with AT&T. make a very interesting and seemingly valid point when they suggest that Verizon only launched the Droid as a bargaining chip, apparently in an attempt to persuade Apple to offer them the iPhone.

Although some reports are that AT&T’s exclusivity deal with Apple has just been extended, it would clearly seem madness to suggest that Apple won’t eventually offer the iPhone to Verizon and when it does the Androids may then sink into obscurity.

For more on this story go to Do you think the Droid was merely used as a bargaining chip from Verizon, or is that being over-harsh? Are you a current Android user who would jump ship to an iPhone the minute Verizon, or another carrier, are able to offer it? Let us know your thoughts.

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  • Zoldatix

    Once people are "forced" to the Droid on Verizon they realize that "Droid does" is actually true. No going backwards to the iPhone…

  • Ehhh maybe

    I am a current iPhone owner, but have spent a great deal of time with my brothers droid. It too is awesome with features such as a real keyboard that are nice. I think toe to toe the droid is probably tougher without a case than an iPhone without a case. But thank you otterbox. Looks go to iPhone and leaked pics of the 4g I think even looks better. Now reality, I love my iPhone but… Droid my brother has insurance, nice! Sd memory chip, longer battery, and instead of a run around buy our cheap phone that isn't nearly what you want but is an iPhone, droid has one product buy one get one free. So maybe if AT&T had a droid I would get one.

  • Allison

    I am a current iPhone user who will jump ship with AT&T the second someone else offers it. The iPhone's capabilities are greatly impaired with the AT&T network.. you can't type at normal speed when the phone is slowed down by the network. Try typing an email where the keystrokes are delayed– very annoying and all together, these lags defeat the purpose of having a "smartphone" when the network is dumbing it down.

  • Matt

    Sorry iPhone, that ship has sailed. Long live Android!

  • mario jones

    IPhone was a great phone and still is a very good phone. However people don’t buy phones they don’t like just to skip over the one they do simply because of carrier. When the iPhone first came out the majority of the sales were new contract holders of people that left their carrier to come over to att. Why because it was truly the best. Now its not. Motorola Droid, blackberry,nexus, incredible, etc all showing that there are greater phones out. More custom design options in the software with more openness with less blaming people for their short comings (like apple did with adobe) and you have a better plateform and phone.

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