Mothers Day 2010: Activities for Kids, Cards, Printables, Crafts

Mothers Day 2010: Activities for Kids, Cards, Printables, Crafts

This Sunday May 9 is Mother’s Day 2010 in the U.S, and what could be better than for kids to get busy with activities to try to make mom a card, a gift, or simply do some coloring in. Not only is this a good idea before Mother’s Day, but on the day itself mom may even get some quiet time to herself.

We’ve already given you some ideas for Mother’s Day gifts and also told what the day is all about, but as far as activities for kids go, then this is the place we can give you some great ideas. For a start try out for a fantastic selection of Mother’s day ideas. Here you’ll find Mother’s Day cards, coloring posters, craft ideas such as flowers and recipe holders and even some games and puzzles to name just a few things.

Or over at, there’s also a great variety of things for kids to do, such as printable coloring pages and cards, more crafts, puzzles and even Mother’s Day recipes if your children want to get baking. For more ideas try out where there are some fine ideas for younger children for things to make using ordinary household items such as egg cartons, paper and string, along with another selection of cards.

We think every kid can find something on these sites to amuse themselves and make something lovely for mom at the same time so why not take a look. If you surprise your mom on Mother’s Day let us know what you did and if she enjoyed it?

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