Obama & Vera Baker in cheating scandal: Don’t believe it

Obama & Vera Baker in cheating scandal: Don’t believe it

We’ve heard many rumors today about President Obama and an apparent cheating scandal with former aide Vera Baker, but from what we’ve discovered so far it seems very unlikely to be true and there’s certainly no clear evidence to prove it.

Several sources are reporting on the story in the National Enquirer and to be honest, our opinion and mostly theirs it seems, are that it’s just that…a story. Gather.com for example have told in their article how President Obama apparently cheated on his wife Michelle in 2004, when he stayed the night in D.C. with a former aide.

It’s interesting to note though that their link to the Enquirer now does not go to the story. Instead, a message comes up which says page unavailable/under construction. This also happens on other sites with the National Enquirer link. Make of that what you will.

Gather.com make a very valid point when they point out that the so called security tape that supposedly would prove the story, has not been produced. They also point out that the Enquirer were offering $1 million to anyone who could prove Obama has had an affair. Hardly a neutral standpoint.

We have to say that we’re with them at the moment. A limo driver is the person who apparently spilled the beans, though at this point he has not been identified either. With the evidence, or not, so far we say we don’t believe it, but what do you think? We’d be interested in your thoughts on this story so why not let us know?

Via: Gather.com
Source: National Enquirer

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  • Maria

    It should be investigaged. I want to see how the media who seems so supportive of the President handles this. Will they go after this story the same way they would treat a Republican?
    I really doubt they will.

  • WhyWillItBe

    The Enquirer may be salacious, but they were right about Clinton-Lewinsky and Edwards-Hunter among scores of others.

    I'd analyze they have something, or they wouldn't have started off with a teaser rumor, which is what the others started off with.

  • English reader

    You attempt to offer a second point of view on the Enquirer story is severely undermined by all of the grammatical problems!!
    "Gather.com make a very valid point…" They made or makes? Which one?
    "Gather.com for example have told in their article…" Huh??
    Edit what you write before you post it…you sound like an idiot on a bent otherwise. You become very amateurish and not a reliable source.

  • http://www.nationalenquirer.com/obama_cheating_scandal_vera_baker_video_/celebrity/68589 Doug

    The national enquirer link I attached worked for me when I clicked it. Just because someone is offering money for evidence doesn't make it hardly a neutral standpoint. They want proof; regardless of whether it was given for free or paid for proof is proof.

  • yes we can!

    Yeah, don't believe it. Afterall, the Enquirer made the foolish, wild claim that John Edwards, a presidential candidate, was having an affair and had a love child with the woman, and lied about it. We certainly can't trust the Enquirer, can we?

    Let's trust the rest of the MSM, as we know they're tough watchdogs on Obama. They'll get to the bottom of this… just like they did with Edwards.

  • D. L

    We need the facts, to make a silly comment that you do not believe it, is based upon the same speculation of the story.

    Remain neutral untl the facts come out, we do know that Obama has a propensity for narcissistic behaviour and has not always been honest ( bluntly stated he is a liar), but he has not shown a pattern or infidelity that is publicly known..
    That could be said of most adultering men however, and we know that people would cover for him. Again, you, nor I have facts.
    I don't believe or disbelieve, on this and based upon your comments neither do you.

    So, let's wait for more facts, let sunshine on this and then we can decide if we BELIEVE IT OR NOT.

  • vince black

    Drink the cool aid! you just dont wont to believe its true! By the way here is the link and it works!

  • http://duh.com grelee

    Haa ha, you said "we’ve discovered so far it seems very unlikely to be untrue" – means it's true moron.

  • gert

    NE was the only news service willing to break the JE story, and look where that is now.

  • Jim

    "so far it seems very unlikely to be untrue"…..It sounds like you believe it too! Your grammar is horrendous. Judging by your poor writing skills, one must assume that you are a devout Obama supporter.

  • Nonsense

    who the hell are you to tell me what to belive?. i'll judge by the evidence, thank you very much.

  • Garbage Collector

    Are these the same folks that claim Obama has a gay lover and was born in Kenya? Well, if an affair supposedly happened in 2004 and the Republicans did not exploit it then, I have very little reason to believe it but everyone is free to believe what they will. Having said that, what politicians do in their private lives is of very little concern to me. As long as Michelle does not have a problem with her husband, it's okay with me. Trust me, the National Enquirer will pretty soon come up with a headline of Michelle's affair, possibly with Tiger Woods. It will immediately be carried by Drudge report and possibly discussed on Rush Limbaugh. I suspect that Glenn Beck might consider it a career-ending and story and he won't discuss it.

  • Martin_clement

    i beleive it obahama is the hidden sheep and now is showing the real face of him a dangerous guy who has some control!!!

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