St. George’s Day: Google Doodle Celebrates

St. George’s Day: Google Doodle Celebrates

If you brought up your browser this morning and wondered why the Google Doodle has changed, it’s because it’s St. Georges Day today. The world’s largest search engine often changes its doodle, to celebrate special days such as birthdays, events and holidays.

And St. Georges Day, which is celebrated by the several nations, kingdoms, countries and cities of which Saint George is the patron saint, is one of them. This of course includes England, as well as places such as Germany, Portugal, Bulgaria, Greece and many others.

For people in England, St. Georges Day also marks a National Day. Most of the countries who observe St. Georges Day actually celebrate it on 23rd April – the traditionally accepted date of his death in 303 A.D. –but in some other places, it’s celebrated on May 6th.

In recent years, the popularity of St. Georges Day in England has been increasing gradually. Andrew Rosindell – a Conservative MP – has even been putting the argument forward in the House of Commons to make St. Georges Day a public holiday in the UK.

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