Adobe reverses pledge to get Flash working on Apple iPhones

Adobe reverses pledge to get Flash working on Apple iPhones

The public spat between Adobe and Flash has escalated further with Adobe now reversing their earlier pledge to get Flash working on the iPhone and iPad. They now say they will stop making software tools that will allow the devices to use Flash technology.

Apple’s popular products surprisingly do not support Flash even though Flash is utilized all over the Web to power animations amongst other things. According to an article on BBC News, Apple has made public statements slating the Adobe Flash technology.

The situation has escalated since April when Flash launched software called Creative Suite 5 which could be used to turn Flash code into programs that could run on the iPhone. However just before it was released Apple changed the terms and conditions of license software developers which effectively meant that they could not use Creative Suite 5.

Adobe first said it would still develop the tools but has now backtracked and said that will stop all future development of translation tools for Creative Suite. The principal product manager for developer relations for Adobe, Mike Chambers, said “the iPhone isn’t the only game in town”. In his blog Mr Chambers also commented that Adobe’s focus would now be ensuring Flash technology worked well on Google’s Android smartphone market.

For full story go to BBC News. What do you think of the continuing very public quarrel between Apple and Adobe? We’d be interested in your opinions so why not let us know.

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