Latest U.K. flights news: Ban now extended to 7:00pm Monday

Latest U.K. flights news: Ban now extended to 7:00pm Monday

We hope not to have to keep bringing you more updates on the U.K. flights chaos due to the volcanic ash cloud drifting from Iceland, but unfortunately we’ve just heard that NATS, the air traffic control centre, has once again extended the U.K. flights ban until at least 7 p.m. tomorrow (Monday) evening.

This came despite earlier news from the EU that they expect half of its airspace to be clear on Monday. Grounded European airlines have now asked aviation authorities for an “immediate assessment” according to Sky News. Air traffic has now grounded many flights in Europe for 4 days and is a drastic blow to the air industry.

NATS said that “conditions around the movement of the layers of the volcanic ash cloud over the UK remain dynamic”. The usual advice exists that passengers hoping to travel should contact their airline for advice before leaving home.

There is more ominous news that volcanologists have cautioned that the volcanic activity may yet get worse, predicting increasing activity on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Source: Sky News

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  • Anthony (Nairobi)

    The grounding of Air-crafts in Europe should be a wake up call to the world leaders in regards to our global priorities. More than ever before, the world now need to work much more closely in the efforts of combating global warming as well as mitigating the effects of climate change.

    The construction of an underground tunnel between Europe and Africa, should now be considered as a very urgent issue. If such a tunnel exist today the frustration being experienced by commuters and business community would not be there as commuters flying to America and Asian destinations can catch flights from Africa to these destinations.

    Also what would happen if there was a catastrophic natural disaster in Europe and people are required to actually evacuate Europe and Airplanes cannot fly? I think it is irresponsible for the world community to continue living like this and failing to strategically plan for the future while we have the time and resources.

  • http://LASVEGASCHEAP.US Marc Olbrish

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