Meteor in Wisconsin? Fireball lights up the sky

Meteor in Wisconsin? Fireball lights up the sky

Last night saw something amazing happen which people who saw it will remember for a long time. It appears that possibly because of a meteor, there was an enormous fireball lighting up the skies over Wisconsin, and other Midwestern states.

It started around 10:00 p.m. and was seen for approximately 15 minutes according to the National Weather Service in Sullivan, Wisconsin. According to, the NWS in the Quad Cities area said, “The fireball was seen over the northern sky moving from west to east. Well before it reached the horizon, it broke up into smaller pieces and was lost from sight”.

So far there have been reports that the fireball was seen from Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio. So far it is not official as to what caused the fireball although the NWS said there would be a meteor shower from April 4 to April 21, and it’s possible it was down to a large meteorite.

Nobody yet knows if the meteor, or part of it, made contact with the ground. If you saw the fireball we’d be interested in hearing your account of what happened? Why not let us know? If you want to view a video of the fireball see the link below.


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  • LRD

    Interesting. About 10:30 pm that night I saw a light falling. At first I thought it was a shooting star, but it fell straight down. I seemed to fall right behind my house, but I assumed that was an optical illusion.

  • Jessica

    Yestetday 7:30 pm saw one the same with friend and father here in Miami 9/25/15 and we said to ourselves, what the heck is that. Never seen something before.

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