iPhone 4g release: Hold your breath for June 22

iPhone 4g release: Hold your breath for June 22

It seems we’ve all been waiting for news regarding the much-hyped Apple iPhone 4G for a long time now, and finally there’s word that does seem to make a lot of sense, about when it may be released.

According to Techtree.com, sourced from Gizmodo, it’s possible that it might be June 22. Yes this is of course all speculation but it does all add up together in quite an interesting way. Firstly we have to remember that iPhone launches have been made in June before, so why not this June.

Secondly there’s been information now that the Yerba Buena Arts Center close to the Moscone Center in San Francisco has been booked by Apple for June 22. So what I hear you say? Well the Moscone center was where the previous three iPhones were unveiled, so maybe it’s for the keynote, and at what other occasion would it be better than to finally launch the iPhone 4G?

It has to be said though that previous launches for iPhones were made earlier in June, so we just have to wait and see for now. If it doesn’t get announced soon though, there’ll be an awful lot of disappointed people. Are you one of the iPhone devotees waiting for the announcement of the iPhone 4G? Let us know your thoughts on this.

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