Steve Jobs Q&A: After Apple iPhone 4.0 Announcement

Steve Jobs Q&A: After Apple iPhone 4.0 Announcement

We’re hearing all the news from the Apple invitational event to announce the new iPhone OS 4.0 and Steve Jobs is now answering questions from the press, after the main event, along with two of his colleagues, Scott and Phil.

At 11:08 a.m. local time Steve is asked how AT&T is prepared to compensate for greater data usage? His answer is that he’s not sure that the assumption that it will use more data is correct.

11:09 Q: Does wireless app distribution open an avenue for distributing apps not through the App Store? A: Scott says that the answer is no as they have a program for enterprises to allow them to sign their applications.

11:10 Q: Will iPad’s success impact its international launch? A: Steve asserts it will be launched in April.

11:13 Q: Any change in Apple Position on Flash and Java? A: Steve simply says no.

This could go on for some time but you get the picture. For more Q & A’s simply go to Are there any questions you’d like to ask Steve Jobs yourself? We’d be interested in hearing what you still want to know about?

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