iPhone 4.0 OS Event: Live coverage and blogging

iPhone 4.0 OS Event: Live coverage and blogging

There’s a great deal of anticipation ahead for the Apple invitation event today where they look set to launch the iPhone OS 4.0 and it’s all starting at 10 a.m. Pacific Time, or 1 p.m. Eastern Time. The new operating system will have an effect on the iPhone, iPod Touch and of course we must not forget the brand new iPad.

It would be madness to think that Apple would change the set-up that much as all three of those currently use different parts of the iPhone OS 3.0. Rumors suggest though that the new OS will offer true multitasking which would increase productivity and offer up more app possibilities.

The keynote is by invitation only but there will of course be live coverage and blogging from the following sources. They are wired.com, livegdgt.com, engadget.com, and gizmodo.com. Link to any of these and you will be able to sit back, enjoy the show and see all the news as it happens.

What are you expecting from OS 4.0, and what do you want to see announced? Do you think there will even be an announcement for the Verizon iPhone? We’d be interested in hearing your thoughts so why not let us know?

Source: csmonitor.com

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