Easter Bunny Tracker and 2010 iPhone Apps

Easter Bunny Tracker and 2010 iPhone Apps

It’s the time of year when many of you will be looking for ways of tracking the Easter Bunny in 2010 as he makes his way around the world so we hope we can help you out a little, with some suggestions of various ways of tracking our loveable friend.

The Easter Bunny is keeping up with the times and can now use all the latest technology so feel free to email the Easter Bunny here. However the very latest way of tracking the Easter Bunny is with iPhone apps.

For $1.99 you can download the Easter Bunny Tracker app which is following the bunny via a radar map as he hops around and you’ll be able to see when he’s in your locality. Alternatively what about the Talking Easter Bunny app that will actually speak sentences to your kids, direct from your iPhone.

There’s another game app available for hours of fun called Boing Bunny Boing, in which kids have to help the Easter Bunny deliver all the eggs. For links to all of these apps and more go to touchreviews.net. So there you have it the traditional Easter Bunny seen through modern day technology. Have fun tracking the Easter Bunny and I hope he brings you plenty of goodies.

Source: nowpublic.com

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