April Fools Pranks Online: ABC, Google Topeka, and more

April Fools Pranks Online: ABC, Google Topeka, and more

As all of you will know, today is April 1st and that means it is April Fool’s Day. And in true celebration of April Fool’s Day, people all over the Internet have been pulling their very own pranks and jokes from the world’s largest search engine Google, to television network ABC.

We thought we’d mention just a few of the online pranks that have happened today, starting with Google. According to an article at ew.com, Google changed its name to Topeka today, as a response to the mayor of Topeka, Kansas for unofficially changing the city’s name to Google.

Another prank that was noticed online today was Funny or Die becoming Bieber or Die. Young girls could visit the site to see exclusive videos such as “Dramatic Bieber,” the “Justin Bieber screensaver,” and “Bieber after the Dentist.” Not sure on details other than that.

And last but not least, was ABC’s advertising of its exciting new shows. Now this has to be the best of them, as it advertised shows such as “The Blind Sayid,” which pictured Sayid from “Lost,” and another show called “Grey’s Astronomy.” Have you seen any more online pranks?

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