AT&T 911 calls being redirected, customers mystified

AT&T 911 calls being redirected, customers mystified

We’ve heard a kind of weird report out this morning that AT&T subscribers are currently having their 911 calls redirected. Apparently mystified customers dialling for emergency help in Salt Lake City are having their calls rerouted to Seattle.

These calls would usually be routed through to a local dispatcher but for some strange reason currently they are going through to the 911 response center in Seattle. This comes to us via, sourced from Salt Lake City’s KSL News.

A customer, Tony Sams, originally thought it was a problem with his iPhone GPS system as it was identifying his location as Seattle, but when the local police also tried to call their own number they were met with the same problem and ended up talking to Seattle.

The current advice is to use a landline for emergency 911 calls while the situation is being looked into. We’re wondering how many people have been affected by this and hope the problem can get resolved as soon as possible.

UPDATE – We hear that the problem has now been resolved

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