Battle Between Windows Phone 7 & iPhone 4G: Who will win?

Battle Between Windows Phone 7 & iPhone 4G: Who will win?

There is currently much speculation about the social media features of the Windows Phone 7 handsets and whether they will be enough to lure consumers away from such handsets as the iPhone, a device which is the chief competitor to Microsoft in this market.

Microsoft is currently attempting to make large inroads into the social media world and have developed FourSquare as a means of doing this. The FourSquare app is a means of keeping all your social interactions together in one core, or hub, whereas using the iPhone means using different applications for Twitter, Facebook etc.

Without having full details of FourSquare at present, it does however seem apparent that it’s a bold move on behalf of Microsoft, and one that shows an awful lot of potential.

For more on this story go to Who do you think will win the battle of the giants in the social media market, Apple or Microsoft?

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  • Mark

    Windows phone 7 will win

  • Vijay shankar

    I belive people will prefer I-phone because the only feature which was lacking in I-phone was flash and a good camera, and a querty keyboard, if Apple fullfills there requirements of the users, then all who preffered HD2 for camera will now buy Apple Iphone 4g dont u think so ? :-)

  • jay

    i phone 4g ! there is a chance the windows phone will have more bugs with it .. Iphone will be faster as well.

  • Rohan

    No competition whatsoever,the iphone 4g or whatever it will be called will kick ass..i mean who will buy a phone just because it's good at social networking anyway?

  • David

    dude wake up, the windows phone will never launch because it will get full of viruses and the technicians will not be able to fix it because the Microsoft system will confuse them in the subfolders! lol

  • Ahmad Kester

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  • Matt

    Really? Apple vs Microsoft. Really? This article is about 10 years late. Microsoft has virtually no presence in the high end mobile phone market. The battle is between Apple, with their iPhone, and Google’s Android.

  • Bestbella

    MS never made phone; HTC is the mainly company make phone with MS windows inside and there are other company made MS phone; therefore you can not really compare Apple to MS. You need to compare mainly Apple to HTC. HTC made MS and DROID phone. The problem is that most people who used MS phone; they don't want to used the Standard MS Default function windows on the phone. Many people who own MS Phone most likely used the Custom HTC & SPB layout instead of the Windows layout; so to speak MS phone always have option to play around with more difference look and many customization and also have been know to handle multi-task. If you don't know much about MS phone then don't make comment on what you don't know. This article here is mainly for compare new model iphone 4g with windows phone 7. Both phone have good and bad part and it is like buying either Toyota or Honda; it is up to a personal preference. Here is why I prefered Windows Phone 7. FM, GPS for Navigation, 5MB Camera, Live Xbox games, OLED. Plus I can just insert in my MicroSD with my existing Garmin & TomTom and ready to use. Software usage MS Words, MS Excel, MS Note, MS Powerpoint, etc. Also possibility to use Many free HTC development Software and Sense & SPB Mobile Shell Software to change screen look. "File Explorer" feature gives me flexibility to copy files, change folders, registry edit, etc. Support FLASH and possible physical QWERTY keyboards such as like the TILT2 or TOUCHPRO 2.

  • hvn

    Windows Phone 7 will have the following:
    1. Zune HD
    2. Live Xbox
    3. Netflix
    4. Silverlight
    5. People hub
    6. Pictures hub
    7. Office Hub
    8. Games Hub
    9. Music & Video Hub
    10. Marketplace Hub
    "Hub work differently compare apps", Hub bring everything into one place, without the need to open many apps…So much more to compare…You need to go and study each product before you compare.

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