PI Day Jokes: Most Popular

PI Day Jokes: Most Popular

I have to confess that until today I’d never heard of Pi jokes, but it seems today March 14, is National Pi Day, which celebrates the mathematical constant of Pi. The holiday was made official last year when the House of Representatives passed a resolution about it.

The mathematical constant of Pi is defined as being the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter or alternatively the ratio between a circle’s area and its radius squared, and it approximately equals 3.14159. This equation is the reason that National Pi Day is celebrated on March 14, because of the first three numbers, 314.

Pi jokes therefore are a means of teaching the concept of Pi to students and most of the jokes are founded on puns about pies and seem to be incredibly corny, but if they capture the attention of student’s that has to be a good thing.

If you go to mahalo.com, you can find a selection of Pi jokes, ok so they’re not that funny, and also a video by Al-G-Bra, (see what they did there), with even more Pi related jokes. I’d say the jokes are still not that funny but the kids are adorable so why not take a look. Why not let us know if you have any Pi related jokes of your own?

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  • Ajay

    There should be no apostrophe in Students (it is a plural form and not akin to a singular student).

  • Hanna

    If you are going to make corrections, be sure that you yourself can spell.

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