Google Earth: Twitter plugin for Google Maps

Google Earth: Twitter plugin for Google Maps

It seems as though there’s been an interesting development on the Twitter front with news of the addition of a Google Maps plugin. It will be able to be applied whenever you Tweet another person.

Whenever somebody tweets you from anywhere in the world you will be able to see where they are tweeting from thanks to this clever new innovation. The user simply has to turn on the feature in settings when they tweet you.

Although this facility was announced recently from Twitter, it has only become available to use from today. If you see a tweet on your profile and hover over the small blue icon next to it the Google Maps plugin will show itself and reveal where the Tweet was sent from.

For more on this story go to This sounds like an exciting new idea to us, unless of course you forget to switch the feature off and send a Tweet from somewhere you’re not supposed to be! What do you think of this new brainwave?

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