Toyota Prius not covered in accelerator recall, in runaway incident

Toyota Prius not covered in accelerator recall, in runaway incident

According to reports from the San Diego Police in California, a Toyota Prius was involved in a runaway incident when apparently the gas pedal caught whilst the driver was on the freeway. Police were called to assist the runaway car, responding to a 911 emergency call from the motorist as he sped along at up to 94 mph.

According to the police directed the driver to use both his regular and emergency brakes. Eventually once the speed decelerated to 50 mph, he stopped the engine and coasted to a halt.

Although the Toyota Prius is among the millions of cars that have been recalled by Toyota, it was NOT recalled for accelerator problems, but for brake issues. Other Toyota models had been recalled for sticking accelerator problems whilst Toyota Prius models between 2004-2009 have been recalled for problems with floor mats trapping gas medals.

There are reports that Toyota have sent a field technical specialist to San Diego to assist and look into the incident. Do you think this could lead to yet more recalls from Toyota, and how do you think this will further damage Toyota’s reputation and fortunes?

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  • joanne

    My Camry goes full throttle sometimes by itself, but it is a good car. It only does it every now and then and all I have to do is put it in N and wait for it to stop. I usually pull over and turn the key of and back on again and then it stops. I have never had a problem with the car and I think they are making too much of a big deal about this. This is NOT a problem with the car. Some people just need to learn about putting it in N when it does it. My dealer let me know what to do as soon as they learned about this. They have always been on top of things. When I am in parking lots I always keep my hand on the shifter to be ready just like you put your foot on the brake when you are getting to a red light. Once you get used to driving like this then its really not an issue at all. I will buy another Toyota when the time comes and if it does the same thing then that is fine by me. Also I don't mind my grandkids driving a Toyota because they know how to drive Toyotas thanks to my dealer.

  • raidenslair

    Toyota fail :(

  • wwide408 USA

    Toyota and others knew they were having issues and attempted to hide it. All Car Companies should have came forward with a full disclosures of what car were dangerous. Instead of waiting for a huge media blitz and tons of public pressure. I never seen so many car companies GM – NISSAN – TOYOTA – HYUNDAI having recalls all at the same time. I had no idea my car was affected until I looked on and found I had a bad Anti Lock control unit on my 2008 Pontiac G8 , my co workers Ford Truck had a recall also. So be careful

  • brian

    how can you say it is not a big deal!! are you out of your mind?? no one should have to drive around with there hand on the shifter in a parking lot incase the throttle sticks and you run over an inocent person or kill someone or yourself!!!! this in my eyes is a huge deal and thats why ill never stop buying fords most reliable truck on the road only recall i can ever remember was the faulty firestone tires from firestone and that wasnt even fords fault and acouple ignition problems never resulting in multiple deaths and cars/trucks driving itself off a cliff!! i hope toyota goes down and goes down hard we already have enough chineese junk around here!! BUY AMERICAN for the love of god people!!

  • Tony

    Seriously? "This is NOT a problem with the car"??? This is not how cars should work. And it's not easy to get my 2005 into neutral. I assume that it would be harder to do if your car was running away.

  • guest

    Well im from England and I had my toyota towed away friday as the throttle stuck and i went up the kerb and in to a bin. its in the toyota garage now and they are saying its not a recall and it will cost me £1025 Plus vat 17.5% i think there is something more to this, but how they are trying to pull the wool over my eye. What do i do. Help!!!!!

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