Google Earth and Streetview to enable phones with X-ray vision

Google Earth and Streetview to enable phones with X-ray vision

Have you ever imagined a phone that could give you X-ray vision? No, nor have I but amazingly it seems it may be available within the next 2 years. The mobile phone software is being developed by boffins at the University of South Australia.

The idea of it uses the phone’s camera, so that if you point the camera at a building, whereas before you would just see the image on the screen, you will also in the future be able to see what’s behind the building. Google Earth and Google Streetview already provide images that are used in databases and it will be these that are used to enable ‘augmented reality’, which looks like X-ray vision.

Only 2 pieces of information will be needed to provide the facility. They are the user’s exact location, and a 3D model of the area where they are. 3D models can be built using information from aerial surveys and GPS will be used to pinpoint the user’s exact position. Dr. Christian Sandor says that his research team is working with Nokia to build the X-ray vision app for mobile phones.

For full story go to Reassuringly Dr. Sandor says people will not be able to use the technology to spy into people’s homes as databases only contain exterior views of buildings. What do you think of this amazing innovation? I don’t know about you but I can hardly wait for it to appear.

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  • tahome

    I don't see what good this feature will do… why would anyone want something like that???

  • Arin

    It will enable users to explore their surrounding environment and look for any specific point of interest such as ATM, hospital or bar, standing in a particular location. It can help them orient themselves with the locality surrounding them very easily.

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