Jon Venables, killer of James Bulger: Allegations of sexual assault

Jon Venables, killer of James Bulger: Allegations of sexual assault

Following our earlier story about the return of one of James Bulger’s killers, Jon Venables to prison, comes news of what the reason for this may be. He had originally been released on license and was returned to jail for breaching his license conditions, but there was no more information about exactly what he’d done.

However according to the a report in another newspaper alleges that Venables committed a serious sexual offence. There had been speculation previously that he was returned to jail because of a fight at work. Other reports said that he had been living it up enjoying nights out in Liverpool.

Now we hear that Jack Straw, home secretary is going to meet with James Bulger’s mother, Denise Fergus, to discuss her anger and her concerns that she also doesn’t know why Venables has been returned to jail. Apparently in a meeting with a probation officer she was denied information despite earlier promises that she would be kept informed.

Mr Straw said in a statement issued by the Ministry of Justice, that he would not be giving further details of Venables’ return to custody as it was not in the public interest. He then said that Venables’ recall concerned “extremely serious allegations”. Do you feel that James Bulger’s mother, or the British public, have a right to more information, or maybe you feel information is being withheld for a good reason?

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  • H Markas

    You lot seem to have a habit of releasing murderers and letting them commit more crimes. Feel free to extradite him to Texas and we will hang the bastard for you. This monster cannot be rehabilitated, its best to remove him from the gene pool.

  • Mrs. K.

    The government must stop protecting these criminals. They are sociopaths and cannot be rehabilitated. What they did to that poor toddler was horrible. I really don't care that they were children at the time or that they came from abusive homes. They must pay for what they did for the rest of their lives whether it's life in prison or the death penalty, and society needs to be protected from them. I'm astounded that they were set free and given new identities. Evil exists and this whole thing is disgusting.

  • Bruce

    You people are all about crime and punishment.

    Amnesty international and a number of organizations have spoken out on this, lifetime sentences for children or death penalty for minors is against human rights. People need a chance to redeem themselves. But if conservatives in the US (not sure which party in the UK is big on the law & order thing) had their way people would never have a second chance. Punishing those two for the rest of their lives for one bad choice they made when they were children is a huge mistake!!

  • Jack

    Lets see if you feel so sympathetic when they torture and kill your child Bruce. No big loss to humanity if these two monsters are executed and its pretty arrogant to think that anyone could rehabilitate them. If I was the father I would not rest under I found the two men and killed them with my bare hands.

  • Janan Hunter

    I hate it when people think these monsters can be rehabilitated. This has caused many children’s sexual abuse and death. I will never understand the sympathy for these deranged evil freaks. They lead James away from his mother, in James’s young mind, he only knew to love and trust. He never could comprehend the hideous acts they did to him. They didn’t just in one second, decide to take a toddler for a walking tour of town, it was for torture and sexual abuse. Then when they were done, they threw his tiny body away to the tracks , like it was trash. They used his body for their sick twisted form of “pleasure”. There are books and videos for young children , about not letting strangers touch their body, I would say, not hand holding either, unless a parent knows the person as a care taker or doctor. James was too young, to know strangers shouldn’t touch or hurt his body. Children must be taught how dangerous it is , so they can be safe. Those two should have been put to death.

  • Janan Hunter

    It wasn’t a mistake, it was a premeditated use of a little child’s body for entertainment and sexual pleasure. I know it sounds strange, that ten year olds are sexual, but some have this compulsion to use the little ones, as some kind of a perverted rush. They can never be rehabilitated ever. Then they put his little body on the rail road tracks to destroy it. This is all about sick perverted use of a baby’s body. I can’t think of anything more horrible.

  • Janan Hunter

    Every state in the country should be like Texas. I’m so sick of liberals , thinking monsters can be rehabilitated, because they NEVER can be. Nor do I understand all the sympathy for the criminals. It’s like they forget a little baby was tortured and murdered.

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