Playstation and PSN: Twitter users report PS3 error

Playstation and PSN: Twitter users report PS3 error

Following on from our story earlier today, about the PlayStation 3 network being down, we have now received updates. Numerous Forum posts are reporting that they have lost saved games and also ‘trophies’ already attained for in-game achievements.

Sony is aware of the problems and has issued a statement apologizing and saying they are working to restore service. Because the trouble has not affected the newer slimline PS3 models it implies the problem is not actually with the service itself. According to the, some people are speculating that the problem is connected to the clock or internal calendar of the machine. Because it occurred on the last day of February it’s possible it may be linked to miscalculations involving leap years.

Although sources suggest that saved games will be restored at some point it is not known what will happen about trophies already awarded. Until clearer advice is issued the warning is not even to try to use older Pre-Slim models of the PS3. Twitter users have been reporting about the error.

In the meantime Sony says that using their Twitter feed will give you all the information needed and any updates on the situation. Have you been affected, and how concerned are you that everything will be restored completely?

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