The Mount Vernon Statement: Is the Internet too free?

The Mount Vernon Statement: Is the Internet too free?

An important document called the Mount Vernon statement has been signed by a group of conservative politicians, in which a government which is smaller and limited is called for.

The website, designed to look like old parchment attracted people eager to sign but fell foul of usage of the modern day internet. According to the Christian Science Monitor the first signature on the statement was that of Adolph Hitler, although mis-spelt, followed by John Hancock.

Although it had seemed a good idea at the time, the virtual signing aspect of the website was promptly pulled. Senior vice president of CRC Public Relations, Keith Appell, said “There were a lot of people who were playing games and posting vulgarities”. It would seem that the internet gives a little too much liberty, at least according to these conservative politicians.

There have been over 4,300 genuine signatures on the statement and Appell says that if they can find a way of restricting the false names listed, then they may have a rethink and bring back the feature allowing digital signing, even down to the use of an old-fashioned quill.

Do you think there can ever be too much freedom in a democracy, or should we reign in the autonomy of the internet?

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