Apple Tablet PC vs. 10 other tablets

Apple Tablet PC vs. 10 other tablets

The Apple iTablet may not be official yet, but it appears that the highly-anticipated device may be facing up to some stiff competition already. According to a report at, it looks like the world’s biggest gadget providers are lining up their own takes.

And one of the first ones to mention is the HP Slate, which was introduced at CES as a revolution in computing. Although HP didn’t hand over any specs for the device, we do know that they said it will be out this year. Then we move on to the Microsoft Courier.

This was the tablet that everyone was hoping Ballmer would wow the crowds with at the CES. But at the moment, the Microsoft Courier remains a rumor. What is said about the device is that it has a camera round the back, something that the Apple Tablet is lacking.

Another tablet said to be in competition with the Apple Tablet, is the Asus Eee Pad. Reports say that this is to get an official airing at Computex over in Taipei this June. And Asus has already admitted that it’s working on such a device. And knowing Asus, it will be cheap.

Foxconn may well make the iPhone for Apple, but it appears to have a Tablet of its very own. I’m talking about the Foxconn Tegra Tablet, which was spotted at an NVIDIA press do at CES. It is said to have the very latest graphics, and a battery life of 16 hours.

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