FDA Diet Pill Warning on Meridia: Heart Attack and Stroke Risks

FDA Diet Pill Warning on Meridia: Heart Attack and Stroke Risks

The FDA has issued a health warning recently on Meridia, which is the popular prescription weight-loss drug that is related to the amphetamine family of stimulants, stating that it increases the risk for stroke and heart attack among certain users.

According to thatsfit.com, the FDA’s warning came after a recent study of 10,000 patients showed a slightly higher risk of heart-related problems in those that were taking the drug, which was issued to 250,000 patients in the United States alone last year.

As a result, the FDA have asked Abbott Laboratories, who are the manufacturers of Meridia, to add new warnings to the labels stating that the drug should not be used by anyone with hypertension, heart failure, irregular heartbeats and other problems.

Marketing of the diet pill has already stopped in European markets. Both doctors and pharmacists have been urged by the European Medicines Agency, to stop recommending it to patients after citing that the risks of the drugs are greater than the benefits.

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