Solar Eclipse January 2010: Live pictures and video

Solar Eclipse January 2010: Live pictures and video

Did you see the first Solar Eclipse this year (January 2010)? If not then you can watch a video below this post that shows you the January 15 Solar Eclipse, it was captured from Cairo, Egypt.

The video taken from sunrise till max conjunction and video was speedup 16x. GMT time was 5am to 6am, have a watch and let us know what you think. You can also see some pictures of the January 2010 Solar Eclipse thanks to CNN.

Over on they had a front roof seat for the eclipse, which is the first of two that will happen in 2010. This first eclipse was seen across South East Asia, and by visiting CNNGO you can see how the solar eclipse looked in pictures from various points along its path.

This solar eclipse latest one and a half-hours and started Maldivian time at 10:45am. The moon overlapped the sun at 12:25pm Maldivian time. Feel free to share your comments on the January 2010 Solar Eclipse.

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