Santa Tracker 2009 Live: Where is Santa Claus?

Santa Tracker 2009 Live: Where is Santa Claus?

Today is Christmas Eve 2009 and is the day when Santa Claus begins his long journey. For those who wish to know where the guy in the big red suit is, then NORAD has that covered for you with their Santa Tracker service. You will be able to visit the website and follow Saint Nick on his travels.

NORAD has been working with Google Earth to give you real-time tracking, the service is now live. Children around the world will be able to watch out for Santa, but you have to make sure that you are in bed before he gets to your hometown, otherwise you will not get a visit.

Santa has not left the North Pole just yet, he has been checking his list to see who he has to deliver too, He has now done that and is checking all the toys to make sure that they are all there, some are still coming off the assembly lines, so the Elves are leaving things to the last minute.

Once Santa gets in his sleigh and begins his journey, that is When NORAD comes in, working with Google Earth and the Santa Cam to know exactly where he his. His first stop will be around Kiwi and Australia, with America being one of his last stops.

Visit Santa Tracker or use Google Earth to follow Father Christmas

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