Man Shot By Police In Times Square

Man Shot By Police In Times Square

An unidentified man has been shot by a police officer outside the Marriott Marquis Hotel, in Times Square. The details of the shooting are unclear, all that is known is the man was shot outside the parking garage to the hotel, 46th Street and Broadway.

The hotel, and the entire 45th and 46th streets were shut just moments later, to both traffic and pedestrians. These streets, which lie at the heart of Times Square, are particularly popular with tourists during the holiday season.

Tourists and innocent bystanders are believed to have tried to push their way toward where the shooting took place to get a better view, but Emer Rooney, 33, from Ireland said that it was one of the most exciting parts of her trip to New York, where she has never felt unsafe. Commenting on the amount of police officers surrounding the area.

Kathleen Duffy, who is a spokesperson for the hotel, which is now occupied by the police, said that “It’s our understanding it didn’t involve any of our guests or any of our associates.”

The man is now said to be in Roosevelt Hospital, who is in a serious condition.

Source: NY Times

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