Give Your 2009 Veterans Day Thank You

Give Your 2009 Veterans Day Thank You

When you stop to think about your current way of life, the current state of your country, and the freedom that you enjoy, we all take it for granted because let’s be frank, it’s what we are used to. But when you think all the way back to the First World War to the present, you start to realise what the men and women of this country did for us, so we can live in as much freedom as we do today.

Without the veterans that served in uniform, we could be living a completely different way of life, a much harsher one than you think you live in today. Over 1 million people gave their lives in defense of America, and it is still rising due to the current war in Iraq. But 700,000 of these people have been there, and done that. Approximately 24.5 million people that live in America are veterans, thats about 12.5% of the population.

So what we want you to do is, have a little think to yourself and wonder what it would have been like if these people didn’t go out and fight for your countries freedom. We want you to reflect on the courage that these veterans went through, and give them a thank you for all the hard work they have done to make your life and country a better place.

Everything counts, so please take a moment to write a short thank you to all the veterans in our comments section below. Thank you, Veterans.

Source: Examiner

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  • Judy

    Thank you for your sacrifice, your strength, your patriotism and your protection. Thank you for being all that you can be…and more.

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