Veterans Day 2009: Activities for children

Veterans Day 2009: Activities for children

Want to teach your kids about Veterans Day, but don’t know how to get them interested? The Veterans Day Teachers Resource Guide will enable your children to experience it in a whole new way, with crafts, worksheets, instructions how to fold the US flag, how to respect the flag, and the pledge of allegiance.

In the guide, you will be taught what the difference between Veterans Day, and Memorial Day is, including pictures and text explaining the great wars of the recent history from World War I, up until present day War on Terrorism. The craft section will have an array activities for children that comes in a packet full of colouring pages, Battleship maze, worksheets, and a thought provoking play with the title “Who is a Veteran?” But that’s not it, it also comes with a host of activity suggestions from library activities, to football games and written assignments.

If you are planning on educating someone, whether it be a class, your child, or even yourself, this fantastic pack has hours and hours of activities to get you in the Veteran Day spirit, and make learning about it a fun experience.

To find out more information about The Veterans Day Teachers Resource Guide, please visit the link below in the next paragraph.

The Veterans Day Teachers Resource Guide is published in honor of U.S. Veterans by the Veterans Day National Committee, Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of National Programs and Special Events (002C), 810 Vermont Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC 20420

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