Bill Clinton statue unveiled in Kosovo

Bill Clinton statue unveiled in Kosovo

Back in 1999 when Bill Clinton was the acting U.S. President, he helped Kosovan Albanians, by launching NATO air strikes to halt the killing of ethnic Albanians by the Serbian troops. And 10 years later, they have found a way to thank him.

On Sunday just gone, Kosovo’s Albanian majority unveiled a 10-foot statue of Bill Clinton, in the Kosovan town of Pristina. And of course, Bill Clinton was there in person, to watch the statue be unveiled and to give a speech to the people.

Clinton’s speech was interrupted on several occasions, by Kosovo Albanians that were heard cheering his name. Clinton told the crowd that he is grateful to have had the chance to be part of ending the terrible things that were happening.

The former president then started shaking hands with people along the boulevard, while the crowd just kept chanting his name. When it was all over, Clinton said that he never expected anyone, anywhere to build such a big statue of him.

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  • miki

    Disgusting, to approve erection of the statue while you are still alive. Clinton’s arrogance and megalomania at work. Perhaps the sculptor should have depicted Clinton in oval office with Mrs Lewinsky, because their “session” was first in the chain of events that led to the “Wag the Dog” war against Serbia.

    Let’s hope that Jon Stewart, Leno, Letterman and O’Brien will use this bizarre event in their weekend editions.

    However, history taught us that monuments built for people still alive usually go down in shame and people’s rage.

  • Leon

    Do you say to someone I love you while he’s alive or dead? Do you tell someone that a hole nation loves you while he’s alive or dead?

    I think it’s nice and it also tells that these 2 million people still love USA. They should do so because USA has helped them when they were in Hell.


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