Balloon Boy Press Conference Announcement: Charges Pending

Balloon Boy Press Conference Announcement: Charges Pending

In a recent Press Conference concerning the case of the Balloon Boy, sheriff of Larimer County, Colo., announced charges are pending. The 6-year-old boy was first thought to have vanished for five hours in a helium balloon shaped like a flying saucer however, it turned out that he was never on the balloon; he had been hiding in the garage all that time.

The father of the child had meet with the sheriff’s officials earlier that day, as they needed to establish if he had arranged the hoax himself. The Sheriff has not announced what the charges would be if both parents were found to be perpetrators of the hoax.

According to the Washington Post, the boy’s parents, Richard and Mayumi Heene were not placed under arrest. From the moment, we learned that the boy, Falcon was not in the balloon; his father has maintained that it was not a stunt when they contacted the police stating that their son was missing and was inside a balloon.

The boy’s brother had seen him in the balloon earlier, so when he saw the balloon launch, he thought that Falcon was inside. When he told his parents, they feared the worst and contacted the police.

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  • http://heyoujflsmad,.com hey

    What the- Who would think that your son was inside a balloon? This is obviously a hoax and they want attention from the press… It’s stupid really, they have a bigger chance of having publicity if the boy became senator! The father’s a creep and all they say is “We thought he was lost”

    I’m sorry for saying this is there are people who think this is a poor story but I hope this message gets to people.


  • Antonio

    Maybe that sheriff should make sure dad is well ‘tethered’
    Dad might be looking for a place to hide….

  • victor

    the father called the FAA and a news station before he called 911, right from that the police should have figured out right away he was faking it.

  • Ira Mann

    I agree with Victor. 911 would NOT be my 3rd call, after a News Station. At the very least the family should get a bill for all the county & state resouces they wasted. They got a taste of TV publicity when they were on that TV show “Wife Swap” and I think they wanted the attention back. Just my two cents….

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