Over 50,000 have joined the Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty

Over 50,000 have joined the Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty

Ron Paul’s Campaign For Liberty has just reached 50% of its membership goal within the first three days and this was a goal set to be reached by September 2, 2008. That’s over 50,000 people who have joined the Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty, Why would so many jump on board with this organization so quickly?

As Ron Paul said himself “These past 17 months have been among the most exciting and eventful of my life”, and his original campaign for the White House was just a wake up call to some Americans who first heard about Ron Paul, he will now take on the larger campaign for freedom that is just getting started.

I get the feeling that this new campaign will be something much bigger and also one that will make a massive difference in small steps, the Campaign for Liberty will “educate Americans in freedom, sound money, non-interventionism, and free markets”. Ron Paul aims to get the people’s message across at “every level of government” and it’s just this kind of enthusiasm that will make a massive difference bit by bit.

If you want to be part of this Campaign for Liberty then you can do so at CampaignForLiberty.com and if you are really dedicated to the cause then why not attend the grand rally at Williams Arena at the University of Minnesota on Tuesday, September 2nd. Ron Paul is hoping this rally will see over 11,000 people attend and help make more Americans aware of “our ideas”.

Have you joined the Campaign For Liberty and will you be at the rally?

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  • http://campaignforliberty.com Denis Yates

    Fellow midnight riders, this is it! This is what all of us have dreamed would happen and now it is.
    As we focus on holding our own representatives feet to the fire on the issues WE care about, the general population will become aware of the RP Truth. There are still 4 months and a few days for Ron to be drafted as our next president. This is perfect, Obama and crashcain have 4 months to destroy each other and the real statesman will still be standing Ron Paul tall. Never never never ever ever give up.
    Quickly join phase 2 of the revolution for freedom and find a meet up group in your city.
    Never before in our lifetime has there been this much hope and excitement for America. We can’t stop or even rest, for our children’s sake.
    Captain Ron is making all the right moves. Thanks Ron from all lovers of the original America! We trust you and love you for your courage and heart. The least we can do is support you with our prayers and dollars.

  • Red Leader`

    This is a great stride in the right direction for America to return to actual conservatism and republicanism rather than the liberalism and neo-colonialism of an anti-constitutionist like Amnesty ‘Ciento’ Mccain.

  • Joseph Constitutional Shelton

    I am a sound money advocate reading Von Miser and Ron Paul economic thoughts for years. Six years ago, I pulled my 401K , a retirement savings account in the United States. Paid the 25 % taxes for early withdraw and and exchanged our fiat currency (not backed by gold or silver) for real money that cannot be printed at will by governments in need of money. Exchanging control of my saving from them to myself. What a great move! Net worth is increasing and the peace of mind that overspending government cannot hyper inflate our future away. Yes I joined Campaign For Liberty for the sound money policies that Ron Paul promotes.

  • http://www.youtube.com/ElCapitan1985 El Capitan for Dr. Paul

    Should anyone really be so suprised? I mean, Dr. Paul’s message of liberty and justice for all is the most appealing message for intellectual people across the whole political spectrum. Once you hear and understand his message, you are awakend, and nothing could ever hypnotize you back into hybernation. Why? The TRUTH will set you free, once you’re free, you never go back. Expect alot more than 100,000 come sept. 2nd! I’ll see you all at the convention. Peace.

  • william getty

    I’ve already joined. I’m scared to death of bush and cheney, the secret banking elite, and all the connected politicians both democrat and republican. The American people need educating, badly! Everyone around me seems to be stupid. I really don’t understand why this is, but I have some ideas. The main problem is selfishness and laziness. If only we were instructed to serve others instead of ourselves back in grade school. This simple principle, if it were to be applied, would have made us the most fantastic country ever in the whole history of the world. Instead, selfishness rules the day. And of course, some would tell me that we already live in the most fantastic country the world has ever seen. But I disagree strongly. Our country kills, tortures, lies, and steals from everyone, from all other countries, even from it’s own citizenry. The whole world hates us. We could change all that. But will we? Who can say?

  • http://www.campaignforliberty.com Crickett Baker

    Many people really think that the love the Constitution and will stand by it. They do NOT, however, understand when it is time to stand. They must read it, and realize what this government is doing to undermine it. If they think it is outmoded, then they need to take steps to amend it. Otherwise, it is now being ACTIVELY dismantled by this Bush Administration and Congress. Please do not take my word for it. READ it. We have been off course for so many years that we are in totally foreign waters now, and need to paddle back fast.
    I joined.

  • http://themosswood.com Ron Moss

    Original “income” had to be limited to federal payroll only, to be legal. World War 2 ending set up IRS opportunity for deception thievery
    after most men were military, taxable, they neglected to tell us our private labor trade for money was not taxable, and still isn’t. Google Aaron Russo, Sherry Peel Jackspon or Joe Banister.

  • http://littlepear.com Littlepear

    It seems our government is quick to enforce state legislation which would promote alternative lifestyles affecting a minority in our schools.

    But where is the legislation to instruct knowledge of the documents which supercedes any state law, indeed any federal law… The U.S. Constitution + Bill of Rights + The Declaration of Independence. Why was I never taught this supreme law when I was in school? These documents address not a few citizens, but ALL of them.

    There are many places to learn the Constitution. See firsthand how many individual rights the Federal and State governments have trampled upon. Your knowledge of these issues can mean the difference between the further decay of our currently collapsing economy and impending tyranny and the success of a new peaceful Revolution taking place to bring America back to tits Constitutional foundation from which it has strayed.

    Learn the Constitution and Bill of Rights:

    Join the revolution to save our country, peacefully, from the inside out.

    Sign up at http://www.campaignforliberty.com

  • Parke

    Anybody interested in practicing civil disobedience in St. Paul?

  • don

    I’ll be there. When are tickets on sale?

  • http://www.libertyworksradionetwork.com harold sorensen

    your campaign for liberty will be more successful if your members would launch Liberty Works Radio Network.

    Together we stand to spread liberty from sea to shinning sea. If your organization would launch LWRN you would have free air time.

    The cost is just a mere 27 cents per day for the next 24/7 365 days. You can NOT afford not to have a radio network to get Ron PAUL’S MESSAGE OUT!!!!!

  • http://themosswood.com Ron Moss

    Tim Russert and my enenies will see Ron Paul elected whether they like it or not. John Hagee McCain is not qualified to be a senator much less the President. What is his past? Freeloader 1st class. His only credentials

  • Koh Choon Lin

    Well done and I must say I am impressed you are covering Ron Paul news! Support!

  • http://http//www.campaignforliberty.com Leonard Snow

    We need an Internet newspaper where we can get daily news and spread the word what we’re doing in different cities. We have to get the word out NOW, not after July’s rally at the white house. I need bumper stickers, yard signs, Send me what you got~ Start covert operations to get the word out. Demand your local theater play War,inc. with John Cussack too. Get involved..4 short months…Lets get together people~! I’m looking for meet up groups in the K.C. MO area.
    Of course I joined, and Donated too..he needs the money..give what you can NOW!~ just my opinion.

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