Sir Alex Ferguson Keeps Cristiano Ronaldo: to quit Manchester United

Sir Alex Ferguson Keeps Cristiano Ronaldo: to quit Manchester United

Sir Alex Ferguson Keeps Cristiano Ronaldo: to quit Manchester United
It has been announced that Sir Alex Ferguson has stressed his confidence about keeping Cristiano Ronaldo, whilst also admitting that he will quit Manchester United within three years. Cristiano Ronaldo has told the Iberian press that he will be disclosing his plans for the future this week with Real Madrid desperately trying to seal his signature but Sir Alex Ferguson stands resolute that Ronaldo will remain at Old Trafford.

Sir Alex Ferguson said hat “I’m confident about that. I’m very confident, yeah. It’s a game they play all the time, And in the past they’ve done it with Beckham, they’ve done it with Van Nistelrooy, they’ve done it with my fitness coach last summer, they took him away from us, so we’re used to it. And it’s a great, in a way it’s a compliment to the standard of players that we have, you know, and we always seem to produce, but I am more than confident Cristiano will be there next year. We have very determined directors in the Glazer family, who will not be messed about in this situation. And David Gill is of the same mind, so the core structure of Manchester United in terms of who run the football club, are adamant and are of the same mind, we want Cristiano to stay for a long time, and of course, we have rewarded that. He is on a fantastic contract and quite rightly so, he’s the best player in the world – he deservers to be recognised in the monetary sense that he’s happy with and we’re happy with.”

In other news Sir Alex Ferguson who is 67 in December admitted that he will be giving up his job before his turns 70. He said that “I think no more than 3 years – two, maybe two more, I have also got to respect my wife too, cos she’s – she’s suffering. She did suffer because she doesn’t go to the games. She’s not a football fan you know – she’s an Alex Ferguson fan – she’s a mother to all these three boys and a grandmother to her children – her grandchildren – that’s her life. I think also what you’ve got to bear in mind also is the changes to management anyway – for instance, there was some promising managers at this very moment in time as we’re sitting here, and then a few bad results and they’re out of a job, and if that happens, who’s going to last the pace? But it’s not that, obviously the board and David Gill’s mentioned it to me in the past – it’s David’s decision and it’s in the Glazer family’s decision – they have to be comfortable with it, you know?”

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