11 Plus Exam has been moved to September

11 Plus Exam has been moved to September

11 Plus Exam moved to September

Now this is what my daughter has been dreading the 11 plus being moved to September. This means parents like me will now know the result of their children’s 11-plus exam before deciding which schools to apply for.

Ed Balls who is the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, is behind the move, which came after consultations between Kent County Council and parents’ groups.

It’s said that we will now have to register our children for the test between the 2nd June and the 11h July. The Kent Test registration forms will be sent to every primary school in the county. The 11 Plus is due to take place on the 18th and 19th September for children resident in Kent and for out-of-county pupils the following day.

You will be notified of the assessment decision on the 21st October and will then have until the 7th November to either complete a Secondary Common Application Form online or return a hard copy to their child’s primary school.

Families across the county were asked for their views on moving the date and the majority voted in favour of earlier testing.

What do you make of this do you think that it is far on the children to move this test forward?

Having them take this test in September means that they will only have a few days back at school to get ready for the test. Talk about pressure.

My daughter is going to be sitting hers this September and she will have only just turned 10.

Do you think that the test is too soon?


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